Some photos of our current premises – although we try and make it as nice as possible, as you can see it is a struggle!


A smiling young boy with a walking frame, taking part in an activity session

Our New Hive!

On the ground floor of St James Centre there are a suite of rooms which were originally designed as a community bakery, which we want to transform into our new “Hive”! 

Our “Hive is going to be a wonderful home from home for the 200 young disabled people we support and for many other disabled people in Derby!

Please see the sketch below which shows how we want to change the rooms. 

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We want to refurbish the Hive with:-

  • New suspended ceilings, lightings, skimmed walls, new flooring and redecoration.
  • A new kitchen area with new units, appliances that work and an adjustable work surfaces so they are accessible to all. (We have already received funding from Toyota for new Kitchen appliances!)
  •  An updated craft space, with bigger windows, a new door and storage that the young people can access.
  • An activity room with new windows, with built-in seats and computer tables and proper storage, so we can make the space more multi-purpose. 
  • A conservatory to be built on the side, to enable access to the garden, (which we are also in the process of transforming). The conservatory will be used for young people who cannot go outside during the winter months due to their health – who will be able to enjoy the garden and being “outside” from the warmth of inside. And also to create a quiet space for chats with friends, or one to ones with staff.
  • Create a changing room with a ceiling hoist to be able to give personal care in a dignified and comfortable manner. (We have already received funding from the Post Code Lottery for this)
  • Create a proper sensory room with specialist light and sound equipment and a wider door so that it will be accessible to all. (We have already received funding for this from another source.)
  • An electronic door system to ensure that young people are kept safe.
  • All the decoration will be linked to the “Hive” idea, but we will go for a neutral décor with bright touches, as many of the children have Autism and they find too many bright colours give them sensory overload.

We would love to know if you could help us by contributing to our fund raising efforts with equipment, money or time 
Call 01332 604 066 to Donate
 Thanks so much!
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